Refinishing a Longboard

Refinishing a Longboard

Finish product first

This is the result of about a weeks worth of sanding finishing and waiting for parts. I'm an art teacher that has to travel between two buildings that are relatively close with nice roads in between. I wanted an easy way to get from one to the other without having to drive my car from lot to lot. So I found a longboard deck at an antique shop and decided to refinish it.
The original graphics

While some of my family liked the graphic, it really wasn't my style, and being an art teacher I decided it would be good to refinish it and make it my own.
Original griptape

The griptape was in good condition, so good in fact the board must have been used only a short time before being hung up for sale.
Start sanding

I purchased an orbital sander and I'm so glad I did, I tore through that graphic in minutes rather than hours of hand sanding.
Sanding complete!

Unfortunately due to some of the contours in the board getting all of the graphic off meant having to spend too much time on some of the wood with the sander, I went too far into the top ply and that came back to bite me later.
Griptape removal

The easiest part of the project. I wanted to cover that street sign so the old tape had to go!
No tape

I was covering the whole tpo with tape so I decided not to spend the time sanding the sign off.
A coat of danish oil.

I wanted the wood a bit darker, and the oil worked great. At first I was upset with the effect it had on the lower spots in the ply, but I thought it turned into an interesting effect in the end.
drawing my bear skull graphic

At first I was going to make a stencil to paint on the board but I later decided to Mod Podge the drawing directly to the board then Poly over it. It turned out great but I should have done two coats of Mod Podge to seal the drawing better. A few spots let the poly in and it darkened the paper. Again, however, in the end it looked fine.
All polied up!

After 3 coats of outdoor polyurethane it got a nice glass finish to it and really enriched the wood and danish oil.
Poly close up

You can see where a second coat of Mod Podge would have sealed the paper better.

I've never ridden a skateboard before, let alone build one, so some of my students helped pick out the trucks, bearings, wheels, bolts, spacers, truck pads, and griptape out. Gold and brown longboard trucks with bear skulls on them to match!

one big old sheet of sticky griptape.
Griptape trimmed

I clearly need to practice my griptape cutting skills. My razor blade dulled really quick which made getting nice cuts pretty difficult too. I got the hang of it about 9/10ths of the way through…
Trucks and wheels

Trucks and wheels all installed. Some bearings here, some nuts there, and viola! All done!
Top side.

I'm really happy with how clean everything ended up looking! It wont stay that way for long.
Source : CMMiller89 from Reddit