Replacing a Perished Rubber faucet button with Sugru

Replacing a Perished Rubber faucet button with Sugru

Finished product first.

The problem.

The rubber button that switches between streams on my kitchen faucet had perished and it made me sad every time I looked at it. I contacted the manufacturer and they wouldn't sell me a replacement button – they wanted me to buy a whole new $300 faucet. I decided to make my own.
The button.

Taped up the holes with duct tape.

Filled the inside with candle wax. It smelled lovely.

Trimmed the excess wax with a scalpel.

The wax form!

Filled in a few holes with some more wax and smoothed it out as best I could.


This was the first time I'd worked with Sugru. Cool stuff.

Wrapped the wax in the Sugru.

It was tricky trying to maintain an even thickness but I did ok. When I was done I 'polished' the surface with my finger and soapy water which gave a nice smooth finish.

The Sugru was cured 24 hours later and I trimmed off the excess.
Old and new.

The wax popped right out.

Side by side.

Doing some trimming to match the details of the original shape.

I also used my Dremel to grind out some of the silicone inside where the walls were slightly too thick.
Finished product again!

It works great and you would never guess that it's not a factory part.