Restored 1969 Mustang

Restored 1969 Mustang in high school and I’m very proud of how she turned out!

January 2012 when I purchased the car off Craigslist
Hauling her home
First drive after deeming the car mechanically roadworthy
Priming for paint – Fall 2012
Redoing the headliner
Many of the interior parts I just coated in black vinyl paint.
new sound deadener /insulation
Gotta learn how to reupholster at this point…
I still need some new door panels. Those old ones are falling apart.
Added some flavor to the traction bars and calipers (and pads, whoops).
302 ci (5.0L) bored over .30 with a new Holley 4b carb and high output distributor (among everything else other than the black).
I know, I know, those rims weren't ever my first choice either, but I got them for a great deal. The original Cragar rims were chipped beyond repair and needed new rubber so I sold them. I'd love to get some Magnum 500's when I have the spare change.
Very happy with my end results!
Source : glang25 from Reddit