Restored power wheels and added key switch, stereo, speakers, and fog lights

Restored power wheels and added key switch, stereo, speakers, and fog lights

Before and after

Girlfriend's son's birthday was coming up and he loves trucks, saw a reddit post of a power wheels restoration on reddit a few months back, found this on Craigslist for 40 bucks, and figured I'd give it a shot. Also went a step further and added key switch, stereo, speakers, and LED fog lights.
Picking up paint

went straight to walmart after picking it up to get spray paint (went with Italian Olive)
switching projects from old sportster to power wheels

Interior View

Previous owners had spray painted it but didn't mask much (if at all). Painted right over the fisher price radio and everything
Starting to dismantle

most parts came apart relatively easily with a philips head screwdriver, but some of the clips were a bit tricky
Dirty but motors seem to be in good shape

steering column was a bit tricky maneuvering it through slots

Finally got the wheel off rear axel

This was definitely the trickiest part of the disassembly. It just has a tiny metal clip with teeth, but followed cmc51377s advice and worked it back and forth until it came
Completely broken down

painted radio

thought about trying to strip the paint off the radio, but I put batteries in it and it didn't work anyways, so decided on ordering a real one on Amazon. (17 bucks)

Primed everything and started painting. If anyone does something similar i would highly recommend using adhesion promoter
Body Painted

Went with black interior as I think it looks better than all one color
Original (fake) fog lights

wanted to put led fog lights on. Original ones had yellow caps on them (although they had also been spray painted purple)
Cutting originals off and putting new ones in

Found these 12V led lights on Amazon for 14 bucks, cut the fake ones off and they actually mounted quite nicely
Checking Fit

Key Switch

Original came with plastic key (that didn't actually do anything). Wanted to have it all power activated by a real key. Found the switch on Amazon for 9 bucks.
Stereo Came

stereo came in, checking the fit
Wiring and Soldering

Bought a new battery off Amazon rated for 20 Amp hours (orig is something like 7.5 Amp Hours). Put a 30 Amp fuse on the battery and ran it through a relay activated by the key switch (as key switch is rated for much lower current)
Marking speaker holes

ordered 4 inch speakers off Amazon (15 bucks)
Cutting holes

Used cheap soldering iron to cut out speaker holes. Slow but worked well
Just needs battery and hood

Took the hood outside to paint a star on it. My cousin talked me into the white star to make it look like the willies jeep
Completely Wired and Reassembled

Checking the fog lights and stereo

Stereo sounds surprisingly good and fog lights are super bright
Source : dpaul11 from Reddit