Restoring my 20 Year Old Computer Desk

Restoring my 20 Year Old Computer Desk

Finished first

This desk is almost as old as I am.
Subject requires surgery

This desk has seen 20 years of continuous use, it's been home to every computer I've ever owned.
…and hasn't ever been refinished
Thankfully most of it is solid wood, with the exception of the large center piece (which is veneered particleboard).
Time for plan B

Rather than try and save the crumbling particleboard, I decided to make something new. A family friend recently completed construction on a deck, he left us with some of the leftover wood (not sure what kind it is, something real damn hard though). I pulled out all the screws holding in the old board and measured out the gap, then cut the boards to length with a table saw. Test fit was perfect.
Screwed everything down

Everything is held in underneath by the original screws, just in slightly different locations.
Planing begins

I'm glad I was wearing a dust mask, safety glasses and earplugs for this. Not sure what that greenish dust is.
Completed Planing

Took about 30 minutes worth of planing to get everything flush, with special attention paid to the seams around where the added wood meets the original desk.
Sanding begins

Grit progression was 60 → 120 → 220
Final sand

Surface after sanding with 220 and cleaning, ready for staining.
First stain coat

I'm using a stain called "Golden Oak".
Stain was applied using rags.
3 Stain coats vs original veneer

First urethane coat

After 3 coats of stain, I began applying a semi-gloss urethane with a disposable foam brush, special attention was paid to gaps.
Second coat

Lightly brushed with steel wool between coats.
Final coat of urethane

Nice and shiny
Back in the right place

Good thing too, lying flat on the floor to use the computer got old real fast. I'll find a replacement handle for that drawer eventually.

With any luck, this desk will outlast me. Not too bad for a first timer working with wood I got for the low low cost of nothing. Thanks for taking a look!
Source : air_raid_siren from Reddit