Scrap wood trebuchet

Scrap wood trebuchet


Added some danish oil and thicker rope for aesthetics. Added some rocks in the counter weight bucket and it fires great!
My son firing a hot wheels car…

My son firing a hot wheels car…

up close.
The Scrap Heap

Due to a whole bunch of other projects I wrapped up recently I have this pile of scrap sitting on top of one of my benches. I was going to make a box perhaps……but lets do something fun.
The three species used

Poplar, white oak, & red wood were all used in this build.

Getting some pieces thinner and flatter. No single piece used was more than 1 board foot.
Some glue up

Figured I would need some thicker dimension stock. So I have a couple pieces glued up.
Fulcrum arm

Cut my oak up and offset them then glued them up. This should be enough….
Arm glue up

Glued up the arm.

Ripped some pieces for the frame of this thing.
Plenty of measuring

Sure, this should work i think…
Lap joints

The lap joints turned out real well.
Lap joint glue up

Here I am gluing up what will become the frame
Joint for the uprights.

These uprights are going to have a lot of different forces put on them. So i made sure to dowel them as well with some scrap poplar.

The uprights are in place and doweled. Square enough for this toy.
Main axel

Just testing the main axle's fit.

added some support for the uprights.
More supports….

going to add some additional support for the uprights. This is mostly for ascetics.
Throw arm

I decided to add some dowels to throw throw arm. Sure it adds strength. But really at this scale its all to make the throw arm look more attractive.

I began shaping the throw arm and the counter weight arms.
lining things up….

Doweled these things together with the proper spacing. Its a tight fit, but that is preferred.
The start of the counter weight box

I fully admit that I began building this whole thing with out much of a plan. this will really be shown in the construction of this counter weight box.
More box

Building the box up.
Box frame.

Alright this is looking better…….errrrr and perhaps a bit more square.
more box.

Test fitting.

Everything fits and swings freely.

Here is the launch pin on the end of the arm and the washer I will use to ride along it. Also the black staple will anchor the other end of the sling.
The sling

The wife had some scrap pleather for a Halloween costume build for one of the boys.This should make a fine sling.
shaping the sling

Used some super glue to help give the sling shape. Should help keep the payload in place during the throw.
Some string in place…

Release pin build

Building the release mechanisim of the whole thing.
Boys throwing cars.

The boys love it. We have been throwing hot wheels cars across the living room all morning.