So I built myself a new bed.

The finished product.

So I recently decided that my current bed was too small. I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted, a simple frame made from solid wood.
I tried buying a finished one, but beds like this starting from 500€ upwards somehow stopped me, so I decided to start my own first project and just build it myself.
I made a rough sketch of the bed to get an idea of what I wanted to do.
Getting supplies from the hardware store.
Got some wood from a local wood supplier. Got it cut there since I didnt have the hardware to cut wood with such a diameter with the necessary precision.
I decided to take composite lumber since it is rather cheap but also very sturdy.
Laying out the rough shape
Since composite lumber usually is not intended to be used for furniture there were quite some holes and scratches in it. We tried to find the best looking surfaces for the visible sides of the bed.
I did not want any screws to be visible so we decided to use dowels. We glued them in.
First part of the bed finished. Only dowelled and already pretty sturdy.
So far only easy holes … now for the difficult ones. We used spikes to get an idea where to drill the holes on the other lumber.
After adding the dowels we added some metal angles to prevent the lumbers from sliding away from each other and add some extra strength. Better safe than sorry!
Frame done. Was a pain in the ass to flip around. The frame is very heavy.
Added the bedhead.
Did some paint tests. I wanted to achieve an look of old weathered/grey wood. Decided to look online, look for tutorials and ask some people in stores. A lot of conflicting information so I just decided to try all methods on some junk wood.
On the upper two fields I stained the wood and painted over it with white lacquer. The lower is only white lacquer.
For making it weathered I worked the two fields on the left with sanding paper. On the right field I sanded after lacquing and then applied the stain. Turned out pretty much how I wanted it.
Painting the parts with white lacquer.
Now it started getting exciting. I had no idea if my small scale experiment would work on the bed parts. Luckily it did.
It got interesting again. I wasn't sure what would happen if I'd paint over my water based stain with a water based clear coat. So I gave it a try.
Solvent based on the left, water based on the right.

It dissolved the stain a bit actually so I had to be really careful. Not to much rubbing when applying the coat.

Sadly no images of the coating but it turned out well. Didn't dissolve too much of the stain.
All in all I ended up paying about 200€. Most of it was the wood.
It was my first actual project so I would probably do some stuff differently next time but all in all I am pretty happy how it turned out, probably thanks to my dad who helped me a lot with the building part and a lot of helpful people online giving me advice on the paint.
Source : legion_Ger from Reddit