Started building a house in 2013, been living in it for 5 months now

Started building a house in 2013, been living in it for 5 months now

The view from the "street" in the beginning

Foundation will be on the ground because we got very hard slate ground

Placing concrete foundation blocks

Placing sewage into the gravel

300mm of styrofoam insulation

Prep work for concrete pouring

Armature for underfloor heating

Underfloor heating pipe installed

Truck with concrete arrived

Almost dry

Sanding the concrete

First day of putting up the frame, outer walls are 20cm

Second floor beams installed

Rooms are taking shape, indoor room walls are 10cm

1 metre walls for second floor for better ceiling

Took a whole day to make those rafters

9/15 rafters placed

Was a hard day

Wind barrier board and wrap

Diagonal boards inside the wall beams are for avoiding any kind of fluctation

Roof framework so I got something to screw the steel roof into

View from the second floor, mowed grass shows our land border

~60 pines planted in total

Beginning to cover the whole house in wind barrier board

Getting there


200mm of pink insulation placed into the walls

Installing the framework for clapboard

Beginning of roof placement

First PVC window placed

Placing roof on the other side

It was a success, roof and windows placed in one day

Hole for the septic, you can see how much slate we got in the ground

2 ton septic installed

Drainage for water

Good odors coming out of those pipes over there

Water supply to the house from a driven well, the pipe is insulated so that the water wont freeze in extreme cold

Second floor floor done with particle board

Installing the cladding

View from the "street"

Almost done with the cladding

Started making the storm porch

Bonus dog

Framework on storm porch

Storm porch covered in cladding

Module chimney installed

All the leftover slate from septic hole

Beginning of wiring the house

And placing the plaster board

And hot/cold water pipes

Second floor wall and roof insulation

First winter

The fireplace is working

Bonus dog

The most annoying job of them all, filling and sanding

Started doing it by myself at first but hired some people eventually, only thing i didn't do myself

The almighty fireplace, it heats the floor, radiators and heats our water

Walls sanded

Holes for the shower tap

Second floor walls are sanded also, OSB ceiling

Installed the main beam for stairs

Hole for the stairs

Hydroisolation for the bathroom

As further I got with the house the less I took pictures, so here's the house like it is right now.

The kitchen is from plywood

Kitchen island


Sliding door from bedroom to dressing room

Dressing room

First floor toilet




The dark wall is reserved for a TV

Sliding door to the other bedroom

Second floor bedroom

View to the stairs

Made the dining table ourselves. Welded legs and 40mm oak board

Source : Cockadoo from Reddit