“Stealth” Litter Box build

The Beginning

This wicker chest was given to us by my girlfriend's parents. We couldn't think of much use for it other than to store random junk inside. Because the cat's litter box isn't our most prized piece of furniture in our little 1br apartment, we decided to get rid of the old box and convert this chest into a stealthy, more appealing litter box.
The inside of the chest

I don't remember the exact dimensions but it's pretty spacious.
Supplies, minus tools.

I bought 3/4" Plywood for the base and to mount the kitty door. The green stuff you see is indoor/outdoor turf that we got for free as Home Depot was scrapping it.
The base

First, I cut the corners of the plywood to fit into the bottom of the chest to act as a durable base.
This little circular saw came in handy for making plunge cuts into the plywood where I am mounting the kitty door.
Expect the unexpected

When trying to dry-fit the kitty door onto the plywood, I realized the door is meant to be mounted onto an actual door, and my plywood wasn't nearly thick enough.
No problem!

Just added a few of these pieces of 1×2 to make my concept work.
Cutting into the chest

I worried at first that my saw would tear this wicker into oblivion. To my surprise, it didn't fray or tear apart at all! Well built, I'll say.
Mounting the door to the chest

First official dry-fit of the kitty door in the chest. Just need to screw in the 4 screws and the door assembly will be complete! And for those wondering, I swear those are not my crocs in the background, I wouldn't dare.
Inside view of door and mount

Remember that free scrap turf from Home Depot?

I started cutting the scrap turf into strips and used velcro to attach it to the plywood base. I wanted something I could remove because, well, cats are assholes and like to fling their litter everywhere. This allows me to remove the turf for cleaning purposes if need be.
Coming along!

More strips of the indoor/outdoor turf
I halps.

Done turfing!

This was probably my favorite part about the project. Not only was the scrap turf free, but I used all but 6" of it! It couldn't have worked out any better, really. I was very pleased with how well it came together. It looks almost like a mini football field without the lines.

I made a small shelf inside the top of the chest to help store things like the scooper and trash bags. Yes, I know the box says doggy bags. They work for cat poo too.

Shelf complete and litter box inside! Now, let's hope he figures this thing out.
He's getting the hang of it!

Lid closed

This is where it currently sits in our bathroom. It's really lightweight so it can be moved later on if need be.
The little guy chillin' on the balcony, soaking in the sun.

Thanks for viewing!
Source : THR33ZUS_BANGS from Reddit