Stranger Things Arduino Decoration

Finished First

Finished photo first. This is an arduino run LED strip that I can program to send messages to our party guests, or show various lighting effects.

Supply List:
Arduino Uno $24.00
5V/10A power supply $17.00
Male/Female DC power jack adapters $5.00
4 meter, 100 LED WS2811 LED string $29.00
9V/1A power supply $5.00
Total: $80.00

First Test

First test to see how the glow functions worked.
Setting up Letters

Setting up the letters to figure out which LEDs light up which letters
Something Strange Font

Downloaded Something Strange for my letters ( Printed around size 500, but probably could have gone bigger.
Main Arduino Loop

This is the main loop of my program. I used the FastLED library for the LED control, and a switch/case and random number generator to have the program randomly select which subroutine to run.

Glow up/Glow down

Two of my subroutines have the LEDs go from off to red and back to off. I had to keep them in separate for loops because when I wrote them into one loop my program kept getting trapped.

This routine turns the LEDs on that light up the letters RUN, and then does some flickering on and off for added effect.
I'm here

This is one of my tests (sped up) having it spell out I'm Here. The lighting is much better in the dark, but harder to record.
Source : bxl4662 from Reddit

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