Turned my cupboard into a swanky office.

Turned my cupboard into a swanky office.

Cupboard Office Build

Live in a flat, having a baby, needed an office. Solution: turn a cupboard into a swanky office.
Step 1. Build shed to store all the shit from cupboard somewhere outside.
Back inside the flat. Wall was crappy partition plasterboard, so wanted to cover/reinforce. Bought some nice wood laminate flooring on sale. Used cladding clips and pink grip to attach to feature wall.

Cut in the paint first, for super clean lines.

Feature wall up.
Painting begins. It's a silk finish so has a nice sheen.
Counter top. Sorry no photos of install, had to do it all myself, as wife is 9mnths prego. Much sweat, and swearing. Used L brackets to support. It's IKEA gloss white 28mm.
Wiring threaded through walls for lighting/sound.
Counter, lighting, units and shelves in.
Lighting is a remote.
Wall art up.

Source : ed_case from Reddit