Very very modest countertop kitchen shelves

Very very modest countertop kitchen shelves

My vision

This is more or less what I had in-mind when I began. No, i'm not an artist, or an engineer. Two shelves and a top to sit over the countertop. In this picture I have hooks sticking out of the lips on each shelf, but I went with a single bar and hooks on the top shelf only instead. The numbers are there though—those are what I gave the wood-man.
Bought the wood

Walking through the HK subway with a bundle of wood was pretty cool, and exhausting. Lots of funny looks.
The supplies

I did this with a hammer and nails. Can't afford a drill, as i spent all my money on the cooking junk that will go in the cabinet. From my layman understanding, nails are better than screws when the force is perpendicular to the nail, but screws are better when the force is parallel to the screw. Since the stress would primarily come from the shelves bearing down on the supporting frame, I went with nails.
And we're off.

Pepper is as confused as I am

Nailing this was *loud*. Hope the neighbors didn't complain. I wanted to average 3 nails per joint, but i settled for 2 on occasion.
Visualize it…

That's where it'll go. Amazing how much of a waste of space that is over the sink.

This was my basic idea for the frame. I wanted a lip to hang down from the top shelf where I could install the bar for hanging hooks.
My "idea" for a shelf

The lip in the back is to catch any spills or bleeding from any of the ingredients. The lip in the front facing down isn't really for anything except extra support. Not sure it was necessary. I like how it looks though.
The shelf

This wood is half coated with some white stuff.
The shelves

Primary attachment.

Not sure if you can tell but it's crooked already.
Secondary attachment

Put the lid on top (at this point it's very crooked)
Tertiary attachment

Forcing the wood was aggravating. I think my mistake was doing the middle shelf first, and that not being perfect, so the other two shelves were fighting against it. Would have been better off doing the "lid" first I tihnk.
So beautiful

Almost looks like a shelf!
Is it level? Nope.

enough said.
installed the bar for the hooks.

Hanging hooks are great. I don't know what I'd do without them.
Hooks are awesome

yes they are.


Fills up the wall quite nicely.
Filled and done. Time to cook!

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